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Brucie: Bringing Meatballs and Blue Bottle to Cobble Hill

It wasn’t surprising when Cube 63 – easily the 100th sushi restaurant in the Cobble Hill/Boerum Hill/Carroll Gardens area – closed. It took me a few months to notice that a new place had opened in its space last spring and a few more to actually go in and try the food. When I did,(…)

Dripless Wine Pourer: A Genius Essential for Wine Lovers!

Many thanks to PA Jessie and her husband for introducing me to this amazing wine accessory.  This genius Dripless Wine Pourer from Crate and Barrel makes wine easy to pour, keeps it from dripping down the label, and the double lip even funnels excess right back into the bottle. It’s also dishwasher safe…if you’re lucky enough to have(…)

Animal Magnetism: Love for Spanx Look-at-Me Leggings

Dark tights and leggings are essential for fall as way to prolong the wearability of cute dresses, stay warm, and be super comfy. Last year, I tested a few brands of opaque tights before deciding that Spanx’s Tight-End Tight was a clear winner. So, it’s not surprising that I also love their new cotton leggings!(…)

Netflix Fix: Battlestar Galactica

PA Nina has been telling me to watch Battlestar Galactica for years. Back then, I let all my usual prejudices get in the way. “I’m so not into science fiction!” I told her and snubbed my nose at the whole idea of space, rebelling robots, and epic battling. That is, until I had a whole(…)

Sanita Clogs: Less Expensive, More Danish!

Like many Power Animals I love clog boots, especially the amazing looks made by Swedish Hasbeens and No. 6. Naturally, I was pretty excited to discover that Sanita (a Danish company that’s been around for more than a hundred years!) makes some similarly awesome clog boots at nearly half the cost, like the Gretha Boot(…)

Animal Magnetism: Loving Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara

Along with blush, mascara is one of my daily make up musts. I feel naked without it and have tried tons formulas, brush styles, and brands over the years. When Fiberwig came to Sephora a few years back, I was in love. I am not, however, in love with the new formula – d.j.v beautenizer(…)

Marcel the Shell is a Book!

I have PA Tammy to thank for introducing me to one of my favorite YouTube videos of all time: Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. It’s cute, it’s funny, and it speaks to my undying love of anthropomorphized objects. Imagine my absolute glee when I discovered that my favorite video has been made into a(…)

Unexpectedly Amazing Caramels from Liddabit Sweets

Beer & Pretzel Caramels from Liddabit Sweets I had just finished an amazing panini lunch at Stinky Brooklyn‘s new space in Boerum Hill when I noticed a basket of beer and pretzel flavored caramels. I was skeptical, but curious and eager for something sweet to finish off my meal. This little caramel made by Liddabit(…)

Power List: 5 Lemonades to Love

I’ve been on a big lemonade kick this summer and have found refreshing lemonades to love all over New York from a little girl’s stand on Henry Street to a new juice bar at Rockaway Beach. Here are a few of my favorites that have made the summer sweeter. 1. Classic lemonade at Zafi’s Luncheonette(…)

Karloff: The Best Ice Cream in Brooklyn?

The chalkboard outside Karloff in Cobble Hill makes a bold claim – “Best Ice Cream in Brooklyn.” In a neighborhood that is home to both Blue Marble and Van Leeuwen, the ice cream bar has been set high. When I met two friends there for cold drinks and ice cream, I was skeptical that Karloff(…)