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An Awfully Big Adventure

Back in the olden days, I was a BIG PC gamer.  I didn’t have a Nintendo or Sega or whatever, so instead of bouncing around with Mario and Sonic, I hung out with a different crowd – Roger Wilco, Larry Laffer, and of course, Guybrush Threepwood. I was in deep, you guys.  I knew the(…)

Netflix Fix: Doc Martin

When Doc Martin appeared in my queue, how was I to know that this cranky London surgeon, self-banished to Cornwall due to his sudden onset of hemotophobia, would win my heart so thoroughly?  The series follows Dr. Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes) an extremely socially awkward but brilliant surgeon as he deals with small town life. (…)

Feast Your Eyes on…Eion Bailey

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if instead of the whole dating/relationship ritual, ladies (and gentlemen, if so inclined)  could just go to the local BroMart and spin around the store, pop whatever handsome bro they fancied into a shopping cart, and take said bro home, and yada yada yada?  And wouldn’t it be just delightful if Eion(…)

Website of Note

There is something so very wonderful about reading other people’s letters.  Even stranger’s postcards hold a fascination – I’ve spent hours flipping through the box of old ephemera that every decent junk store has, reading the notes on the back of photos of forgotten resorts. Letters of Note is a site that totally caters to(…)

Computer Love: Our Favorite Links of the Week

Look Scouting locations for the next PA corporate retreat (not real): 10 Best Beach Cities PAs Thea and Nina are there for real! We are jealous. A vicarious trek through Iceland So, apparently Warhol used to illustrate children’s books? Kind of awesome. FWD? Just stumbled across “How to Dress like a Parisian” in Lonny Mag.(…)

Computer Love: Our Favorite Links of the Week

Look Amazing photographs from the Arctic to cool down your eyes on hot days. This video of a man exclaiming over an illegal fireworks display is making us cry from laughter: Ana Montiels colorful and sweet graphics Aaah love these woodcut prints from the Tugboat Printshop so much! Entertain Ted Leo is touring!  And his(…)