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Netflix Fix: Wuthering Heights

As y’all have likely observed by now, many of the Power Animals are serious lovers of period pieces. I am no stranger to this serious love, so I was psyched recently to find a Masterpiece Classic miniseries of Wuthering Heights on Netflix Instant. It stars that dude who played the I-have-nothing-to-live-for war vet brother in(…)

Computer Love: Our Fave Links of the Week

FASHION: Nicki Minaj would like to introduce you to her chicken wing necklace (dinner?). Choker necklaces are back…WHAT?!! Alexa Chung for Madewell: super cute, or seen it all before? TO DO: Go and see an awesome film! The New York Film Festival starts today. Get spooked! Check out the crazy/creepy Blackout Haunted House. Go and(…)

Osborn Obsession

When it comes to fashion, I share with PA Hillary an intense love of fun, brightly colored patterns. And mixing patterns! That is my absolute favorite. So when I recently met a girl who was wearing a pair of adorable, brightly patterned oxfords, I obviously had to ask her who designed her shoes. “They’re Osborns,”(…)

Feast Your Eyes on…Richard Armitage

You guys. YOU GUYS!!!!! I just watched the BBC miniseries North and South on Netflix Instant and am now totally obsessed with Richard Armitage, the actor who plays the lead male role of ultra brooding John Thornton. And apparently I am not the only obsessed person out there, as Mr. Armitage, who is now breathing(…)

The Secret Circle: Coming Out of the Dark

As some of you lovely readers may know, I am a serious fan of YA lit; like, serious. So when I learned that my most favorite young adult book series, L.J. Smith’s The Secret Circle, was to be made into a new (paranormally romantic) CW TV show, imagine my shock and amazement! My most favoritest YA(…)