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The Hunger Games is Finally Here!

Happy Reaping Day, my friends! As THE HUNGER GAMES is finally upon us, I thought I would share my Hunger Games-inspired, pseudo- girl-on-fire-ish, faintly zebra-print manicure to remind you that the movie opens TONIGHT and has an 87% rating on the tomatometer! So get thee to a theater, and get ready to watch Katniss rip(…)

Etsy Finds: Delicious Decoden

Dear readers, I have a new obsession: the art of decoden. After seeing a photo of an incredibly amazing, jewel-encrusted iPhone case with a fox face on it (owned by fancy PA friend Julianna), my mind was blown, and I became entranced by blingy cell phone cases the world over. Where did Julianna get this(…)

Computer Love: Our Fave Links of the Week

DIYs: Super dope studded nails from The Nailasaurus! Make your own Grandpa-syle elbow patch sweater because crafting totally rules. Crazy/awesome Beetlejuice costumes are super scary for next Halloween (or whenever). Celebs: Tina Fey continues her reign of awesome by hosting the NPR special “The Hidden World of Girls” “Blonde Adonis” Hunter Parrish is now starring(…)