Changing Your Visa Agreement Bnz

EFTPOS refers to the transfer of electronic funds at the point of sale, during which funds are taken from your account at the point of sale to pay for goods or services or if the money is withdrawn at your request; 23.21 Capital and interest deductions: we may withhold payment from the principal and interest at the end of the term if we believe this is justified. These reasonable reasons include (but not limited to) your death or bankruptcy if a third party is entitled to your account or if you have breached these conditions. We will let you know (or the person concerned) if we do. 21.9 Death of a partner account holder: if one of you dies, your partnership will end. However, in limited cases, we may have the partnership account temporarily used by the remaining authorized signatories. We may close your partnership account at our discretion. Every money in your partnership account belongs to the remaining partners and we can pay the money to the remaining partners. 6.2 Selecting an appropriate PIN, password or password: you must choose a PIN, password and, if necessary, a password code that is not obvious and is not easy to guess. Your pin, password or password code should not contain: a) sequential numbers or letters (z.B. 123 or ABC); b) contain combinations of numbers that can be easily guessed (z.B. 111); (c) the parts of numbers are included in the order in which they are printed on one of your cards; (d) information about you such as dates of birth, phone numbers, surnames, street names, pet names, driver`s licenses, license plates or passport numbers, or any other easily accessible information about you or your organization or business; (e) be identical to any other PIN or password you have for a BNZ product/service; or (f) is identical to any other PIN, password or passport code used for other purposes (p.B.

Your lock/unlock code for your mobile phone. 7.1 Overdraft repayment: agreed or undrawn overdrafts may be refunded upon request, so we may ask you to repay all or part of your overdraft (including all interest and related fees) at any time, even if we have agreed with you that the overdraft is valid for a specified period of time. We can also reduce your overdraft limit at any time. If we ask you to refund your overdraft or reduce your overdraft limit, this is usually due to a change (or expected change) in your personal circumstances. We will tell you before you have to repay yourself, if we can reasonably do so, without confronting our own interests. 23.15 Prepayment requests: If you invest in a date deposit, you invest a fixed amount for a fixed interest rate at a fixed rate. However, you can request the withdrawal of all or part of your appointment deposit before the due date: (a) by providing us with 31 days before the withdrawal; or (b) if you are experiencing difficulties (as is reasonably determined by us).