Blm Agreement

BLM Arizona thanked all parties consulted in the development of the agreement. Copies of the executed agreement are currently being sent for the signature of the 53 matching parties identified. Notifying parties have until November 30, 2018 to sign if they wish and return the signature page to BlM`s Arizona office. The Bureau of Land Management, Arizona State Office (BLM Arizona) has concluded the development of a programming agreement to define the procedures it will use to examine the impact of travel management decisions on historic real estate. The agreement was signed by the Chief of Historic Historic Preservation Officer of Arizona, the California State Historic Preservation Officer and the Executive Director of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. He is now considered executed. In addition, this im specifies that the FOs must introduce each new horizontal well into the AFMSS using the first federal or Indian leasing that has entered the production area until the BLM amends the AFMSS to allow more than one rental entry per well. The BLM will provide the Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR) with a copy of approved federal CAs within 10 business days of BLM`s approval. The copy must contain the letter of approval of the agreement and the agreement of exhibitions A and B.

If CA produces, the BLM must also submit a first production memorandum. If the certification body does not begin production until after the BLM approves the agreement, the BLM must submit a first production memorandum to the ONRR when the certification body begins to produce (see BLM 3107 manual, continuation, extension or extension of leases). Calendar: This directive is effective in terms of emissions. Budgetary impact: Implementation of this IM results in a reduction in the time required to review CAS. Background: The current application for CAs approval has exceeded the capacity of the BLM and BIA in some offices. This delay in the approvals of the certifying bodies has resulted in significant delays in the correct payment and distribution of royalties. This is particularly a problem for horizontal wells whose production comes from more than one of several leases along the horizontal production interval. As a result of the delay in CA`s authorizations, ONRR, BIA Fort Berthold and the BLM North Dakota Field Office developed a procedure called “pre-CA” for Indian certification agencies, which facilitated the payment of royalties on the basis of an interim allocation plan. However, “pre-CA” raises a number of legal issues. As a result, offices no longer need to use the “pre-CA” process. In order to expedite the processing of CAs to ensure the correct payment and allocation of royalties, the BLM has redefined the responsibility of the federal government, as noted above, and the application of this responsibility with respect to the treatment of CAs.