Acima Agreement

Before you sign the contract, we will send you a link with a link so you can read the full agreement on your smartphone. If you don`t have a smartphone, you can request that the store print you a physical copy for reading and signing. After choosing the merchandise and signing the rental agreement, Acima buys the goods from the dealer. Acima owns the goods and you will pay the rent until you acquire the property or terminate the lease. What are the conditions? A processing fee of $40 plus taxes (payable to CB Furniture) is due at the time of signing. Acima`s leases are 12 months, lease-to-own with 90-day contracts and other options for prepayment. Almost half of our customers pay their remaining balances to be paid within 90 days. The minimum term of the contract is the period between the receipt of the leased goods and your first regular lease payment. If you opt for all renewal payments, you own the merchandise in 12, 18 or 24 months, based on the lease you have offered. First, you need to find a participating reseller site. You can go to and click “Search for a store.” Then select a category and enter your postcode to see the locations of resellers near you! You can click the “Apply” button to apply online, or go to the store and they`ll help you! Are we calculating interest? Since Acima is not a lender, we do not charge interest. Instead, we buy the merchandise from the dealer and rent it to you until it is fully paid for. Acima`s payment terms are generally lower than those of other similar programs.

Please respect your rental agreement for all terms and conditions. Read your lease in full before signing it. Note the full rental amount, which represents the sum of all payments over the full 12.18 or 24-month period. (This is the amount you pay if you don`t use any of the early purchase options.) The contract also lists other potential charges that could threaten you, including taxes on lost or damaged property, withdrawal, pickup and return fees. Each authorization lasts 90 days and automatically expires if you do not sign a lease during this period. Note that each authorization is only good in the shop with which you originally applied. If you decide to shop elsewhere, you must reapply (which cancels your first authorization, as you can only have one active authorization at a time). Can I pay at the store? The agreement is between you and Acima. Payments are made to Acima through your bank account and not to CB Furniture. We will send you a copy of your rental/leasing agreement by email after the contract is signed.