Woking Borough Council Tenancy Agreement

In law, only a succession of rental rights is allowed. If there is no estate yet, a family member who has lived with the tenant for 12 months can apply for the success of the lease. “Family Member” has a very broad definition in the Housing Act 1985, so it is worth inquiring about your rights. Yes, yes. Your transfer or mutual exchange request is not normally approved by Woking Borough Council`s Housing Allowances unless you have a clear rental account. In exceptional cases, z.B. if you are fleeing violence due to domestic abuse or anti-social behaviour, your housing manager may recommend a transfer if you do not have other options available. Under these conditions, the offer of accommodation will be conditional on you agreeing to accept and repay your arrears as part of your new lease. To terminate most rental agreements, you must notify New Vision Homes 28 days in advance before you leave. If you move without telling us, you can be charged four weeks` rent from the time you move.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you intend to terminate your lease. This is the Council`s service rental management system to attract homeowners to rent their real estate. Long-term leases are organised without fees or commissions. There are different levels of management in these systems that offer different benefits for landlords and tenants. The lessor will be offered a loan or cash incentive in exchange for long-term leases. The council insures your building, but not the contents of your home. Purchasing content insurance is optional, but advisable. For more information, check out our news article. Please contact the waste management company AMEY on 03332 340978. You can also save missed collections on their website. In certain circumstances, it may be possible to terminate a lease with less than four weeks` notice.

This may apply in some cases where the termination of the lease is terminated after the death of a parent. We recommend that you seek independent legal advice when considering the termination of a common lease. In woking city centre there is a CAB.