Uc Student Placement Agreement

UC Davis Health welcomes you and your students to our schools for their educational preparation. The links below provide you with the necessary documentation and training resources for your study places. This credit is intended to cover nursing schools with established clinical rotation agreements. The BSG offers standardized conditions in which students of training providers can be placed with placement service providers in order to benefit from education and training. 2Seees who do their internship in a clinical environment (including act Government Health Directorate) must meet these requirements. If you complete an internship at NSW Health, you must meet the following requirements: All applications for clinical internships at ACT Health institutions must be submitted and approved by OPH. Training providers receive a unique identifier and password for the OPS system. 4In addition to the required vaccination, midwifery students must also provide serological results on hepatitis C and HIV that have been received in the past 12 months. In addition, an Aseptic Technique online learning module should be followed by students in the following courses: nursing, midwifery and pathology. In order to facilitate the integration of all students and as a first contact with UC, Santander and Cantabria, the Vice-Rectorate for Internationalisation and Cooperation organises a reception and orientation programme including a tutoring programme.

Training providers can manage all administrative issues related to student internships, including filing and tracking applications and uploading student data through the OPS. Please remember that your tutor is the person who accepts and supervises your internship, and your international relations coordinator or research institute director is an academic who is also responsible for approving your learning agreement. Depending on the case, he may be the same person or not. If you need more information, please contact the International Relations Office. The introduction of the Background Checking Act 2011 (ACT) requires all students who are doing a clinical internship who may be in contact with “vulnerable” people in the ACT to complete a WWVP registration.