Life Improver: The NYC Bus Checker App (Yes, It Works!)


Understatement of the century: buses in Brooklyn can be unreliable. I had given up on waiting for the bus at ALL unless I actually saw it coming with my own eyes…until the advent of the Bus Checker app! With this app, you can zoom in on any bus stop, click on it and see a list of the next bus arrivals and their expected times. It may be hard to believe, but due to the magic of GPS, it actually works! I’ve tried it about four times in the last two weeks and every time it was right on the money. Once, it even prevented me from waiting at all, because I was able to see that the bus was running an entire HOUR late. So yeah, it doesn’t completely fix the MTA bus situation, but it does completely fix your own personal relationship with the MTA bus situation.

Here’s a little snap of what it looks like on the iPhone:




Download this baby for free ASAP and start inviting the bus into your life.