$20 Gel Manicures Are Real at Lilysa Nail.

Photo via newyorkshitty.com

Photo via newyorkshitty.com

A couple months ago, I got a coupon for the new Dashing Diva in Greenpoint, and decided to use it one Monday evening for a gel manicure. I found it to be super overpriced and overall, a not-great manicure experience…though I did like the bright blue color. I then hit up Keg and Lantern where the bartender complimented my nails and proceeded to tell me where she and the rest of the K&L bartenders get their nails done – Lilysa Nail. She reported that the gel manicures are only $20 and last through endless rounds of behind-the-bar glass washing.

So yeah – I’ve been there twice so far – the first time was awesome! The second time was less awesome because they were short-staffed and pretty hectic, but I guess that’s not something to hold against them. The first manicure lasted – seriously – OVER four weeks. The second one only lasted about 2, but oh well. I’ll still be back for a pretty decent gel manicure on da cheap. Try to get the middle-aged lady – she seems to be the best  from my limited experience.

Check out Lilysa at 681 Manhattan Ave (bt Bedford and Norman) in Greenpoint!