The Perfect Linen T-Shirt That is $15, not $40

loft linen t shirt vs madewell

We all need many perfect linen t-shirts for summer, because in my mind, it is already so hot one cannot dream of wearing anything but 100% linen and cotton and other natural fibers. Even though it is not hot at all, I am intent upon shopping for when that time comes. To that end I have found the perfect drapey and flattering linen t-shirt that comes in every color of the rainbow (even though I would only wear the white/gray/black ones) and no, it is not at Madewell. Instead it is at that bastion of “Modern Working Woman!” shopping style known as Ann Taylor Loft.

The pics on the left and right are Loft, and the center is Madewell. They are almost exactly the same with the exception of the fact that one is about a third of the price of the other*. The Madewell one is a little less nubby than the Loft one, but they are seriously good shirts that you will want to get many of. I have a few of the white ones in varying sizes for when you want something more form fitting to tuck into high-waisted shorts or skirts, or for when you want something longer to drape over pants.

*Well, actually, the Loft shirts are $29, but since they are from Loft you know that shit is on sale for %50 off every other minute.