UZI NYC for Catching All the Dress Breezes

uzi nyc dresses Every spring I walk by Alter — usually late at night when it’s closed — and admire the geometric summer dresses they seem to have an endless rotating supply of in their windows. Finally I have taken the step of  stalking Alter’s instragram to figure out the brand and make a plan to get myself to Alter when they are open with the hope of trying on, being super into the dresses, and purchasing. They look like they would be so fun to wear on a hot city day: made of 100% cotton, breezy and tent-like, and architectural and chic enough to not look like you’re wearing a potato sack.

Check out Alter and Otte for Uzi shopping! Uzi is a Brooklyn label that is designed and manufactured in Sunset Park. So good.

p.s. Their winter ponchos and wool tops look really amazing for winter, too. However I am thinking ONLY SUMMER VIBES.