Of Cocktails & Burgers: Alameda

AlamedaThe first reason to pay a visit to Alameda in Greenpoint is the look: before Ramona had people in the neighborhood buzzing, Alameda had resuscitated art deco restaurant design. Geometry rules the space: from tiles and wood on the floors, to hexagon moulding and rectangular pendant fixtures on the ceilings, every piece locks in place. It’s like stepping into a Lisbon bar in the ’20s – most unexpected in the heart of Polish Greenpoint.

Deco decor aside, there are two things here that are the true purpose of my post. First: the burger. When other places are piling on toppings and sourcing brioche for a decadent bite, Alameda is creating a masterpiece of flavor on the simplest of canvases. This simplicity is inviting – a slim burger patty on a potato roll with pickles, lettuce and tomato.You may be initially underwhelmed by what looks like a home-grilled weekend meal, but take a single bite and you’ll know you’ll be back for more. The NY grassfed beef probably has something to do with it, but the mark of expert seasoning is what puts this patty head and shoulders over its competition.

To wash it all down, by all means order a beer if you please, but I would strongly suggest a The Alameda – their eponymous version of a Manhattan, made with an inimitable house-made sweet vermouth. The cherry’s your dessert.

You can take a peek at their menu, decor, and food on their website, or visit their Facebook page for more. If you’re in the hood, drop in at 195 Franklin St.