Perfume Search Done: CB I Hate Perfume (For Life)

Tea/Rose CB i hate perfumeI have this annoying habit of buying perfumes that get discontinued. My first perfume was a Tocca Eau de Toilette, eau no longer. Second: Fresh Index Bulgarian Rose – nixed. Tokyo Milk Scarlett No. 58, off the shelves. Sigh.  But now that I’m down to the bottom of my Tokyo Milk solid, I’ve been on the lookout for a fresh-cut floral scent.

I took a trip up to Barneys and was immediately overwhelmed by their enormous selection of lesser-known brands. With little help, I went home spritzed with two different, fancy Serge Lutens florals. They were nice at first but as the day wore on the headaches began. A trip to Aedes de Venustas in the West Village was just as promising, and just as ultimately disappointing. I was beginning to think I was over perfumes.

But then – after nearly 10 years of living Williamsburg and strolling by their shop – I decided to finally stop by CB I Hate Perfume.  They’ve just moved their showroom closer to my hood, and I must say that their new block really vibes with their olfactory aesthetic. Sandwiched between industrial warehouses in a studio a skip up a narrow flight of stairs, it’s obscurely situated in a landscape that will be sure to inspire new innovations.

Fauchon La Rose Tea

Their name is true to their style: for everyone who thinks they truly hate perfumes, this is undoubtedly the place to be. Their perfumes won’t linger distastefully on your skin, scarves, or pockets, but leave a subtle mark of a memory you once had. With names like Greenbriar 1968 and In the Summer Kitchen, the scents that perfumer Christopher Brosius concocts are unusual and more often than not, paradoxically pleasing. But my obsession isn’t in his shockingly accurate Soaked Earth, but in the deliciously drinkable Tea/Rose. On me, it smells so much like a pot of Fauchon La Rose tea that I ran home and brewed myself a pot. Who would’ve thought smelling like tea could be so appealing? I can’t wait to go back to try some more, and to pick out what is sure to be a lifelong signature scent.

Take the time to pay them a visit – their new studio is at 318 Maujer St. They’re open Fridays and Saturdays 12-6pm, and you can make an appointment to go on other days.