Hip Hop Spinning Workout of My Dreams with KTX

ktx fitness indoor cycling


A few weeks ago I randomly happened upon a youtube video of what looked like the world’s best indoor cycling class and thought “that is the best thing ever but it is happening in a faraway place and therefore I will likely never get to experience it” and was momentarily saddened by that thought. And then lo! the magic that is New York shined a light on me. Keith Thompson, the hip hop dancing twerk magic fitness instructor himself (!!!), showed up as a guest instructor at the spinning studio (that is mere blocks from my apartment) I started going to a couple of weeks ago. So guess who gets to live their fitness dreams? ME!

Doesn’t this video you want to go to a spinning class that looks like what you see above? Doesn’t it make you think that spinning can be like going out to a fun dance club where they play good hip hop and not just a thing for the wealthy EDM-loving condo fucks who frequent soulcycle?* I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the indoor cycling classes I went to a few years ago at my old gym, but I have to say that classes these days are a whole new type of experience and are wayyy more enjoyable.

I think most of Keith Thompson’s classes at SyncStudio have already sold out and have waiting lists that are like 25 people deep, but hopefully he will come back often and grace us with his classes fueled by R.Kelly, Beyonce, and doing the dougie. Get on the list for his classes taking place on April 27th, 28th, and 29th while you can! I’ll be there on Monday the 28th and hopefully the 29th because I am SO into this.

*disclaimer: I have been there and have enjoyed the classes and think that their custom bikes are the best ever.