Summer Please! With a Side of Desa Linen Perfection

Desa Dress Creatures of Comfort

The colder it gets, the more I search for summer frocks. I’ve taken to wearing spring-toned undies just to pretend that the sun is shining on my skin. Next up: an Italian linen summer dress, for that beach trip that I have yet to plan. Your challenge, dear readers, is to find me a version that is affordable. Until then, I’ll be coveting a little number I spied at Creatures of Comfort: the Desa Dress in white Italian linen. A little DVF wrap-dress flair, but in a loose-fitting, flowing fabric version that makes it an everyday go-t0. At $506, it’s more than a stretch, so here’s hoping that no one will notice it, and that come sale season I’ll be able to snag one for less. But then again, if it’s an everyday piece, could you justify the price tag??? Sadly, not quite.

Judge for yourselves a the NoLIta shop on Mulberry St. or on their interwebs storefront.