Mushrooms Forever

nrg matrix

I guess I am pretty addicted to caffeine, although I’m fairly certain that I often go without it because I forget to drink it and then I realize it might be too late in the day for me to drink caffeine and I feel like I’ve missed an opportunity to have something wonderful. One of my favorite — and most necessary — caffeine experiences is the afternoon caffeine. I dearly love coffee and espresso, but sometimes I want something that is light and cold and refreshing doesn’t require me to leave my office. Now I don’t have to thanks to NRG Mushroom Matrix, which I discovered via best homie Allison.

Apparently mushrooms are really good for you, and the combination of mushrooms and yerba mate make for an exceptionally wonderful boost of caffeinated energy. Mushroom powdered energy has made me feel smart and powerful on many an afternoon, and is super good if you are dragging and need energy before your afternoon workout. I’ve also been adding some of the other versions of mushroom powder called “beauty” and “fit” into (sans caffeine) into my smoothies. So into it.