Freaking Out About Reformation

Reformation NYC

On the gorgeous faux spring day that we had this past weekend I took a stroll around the Lower East Side, checking out the shops that struck my fancy. For the most part, I walked in, loved the shop, and then ran out when everything I picked up was over $350. This, friends, is why I am your faithful aspirational shopper. But Reformation was the proverbial breath of fresh air. I was literally giddy when I came out of the shop, pleased to have found a little corner of NYC that still offers affordable, covetable clothes. None of the fabrics here feel like something you’d buy at Zara, and as it turns out it’s because they re-appropriate vintage cloth and source surplus materials for their designs. This is green done right.

I’m tempted to send you off to their site and let their clothes speak for themselves, but then I wouldn’t be able to give you my favorite picks. Their version of a sexy jumpsuit ($288) has a sheer deep v-neck top with short sleeves and a straight-leg high-waisted pant. The Rosemary dress ($138) takes me straight back to the studios at the NJ Ballet: ballerina pink form-fitting tank with a flowing 3/4 length skirt that’ll make whirling dervishes jealous. Then there’s the Manzana ($138), a loose, halter mini that’s just perfect for summer brunching. I’m having trouble picking one, so I’m putting it out there: this is my new wardrobe shop.

Check out the entire collection, which has much more to be desired, on the Reformation website.