I Love Poncho

I Love Poncho Weather Service, via Power Animals

Ever think “sure, weather apps are ok, but what I really want is for the weather to be delivered to me via pithy statements coming from a cat wearing a poncho?”  Of course you have!  Well get ready to rejoice, my lovelies, because your prayers have been answered.  FINALLY.

If you go to the Poncho website, you’ll find all sorts of goodies.  Sign up, and you can have sent to you, by email, text or both, your local weather, the status of the subways you take in the morning, alternate side parking updates, and pollen/allergy warnings.

But that’s not all folks! (I swear, this isn’t a paid advertisement, I just love Poncho)  All this info is also delivered in a totally adorable way!  For instance, recently I received this text from Poncho:

Clear skies tonight, but it’ll feel chillier as temps drop to the low 40s this evening.  Overall, not too bad today, Spring.  I give it a 7.5!

Cute!  I found Poncho via Greenpointers.com, and I’m so glad I did.  Sign up asap via the Poncho site.