Magic Choux and Other Lovelies at Caprices by Sophie

Magic Choux from Caprices by Sophie

I did not know that I loved ALL things made with choux, but it turns out that it is true. In case you don’t know what choux is, it is a magical kind of dough used to make delightful cream puffs, gougères, eclaires, beignets and so on and so forth. And now I (via a treat from Dan) have discovered the lovely Caprices by Sophie’s store on North 6th Street that peddles delights pictured above that are called Magic Choux. They are $2.75, but they are so carefully crafted that by the time you finish eating one you would gladly pay it all over again. The flavors range from lemon curd to raspberry rose to vanilla to caramel with salty butter and BEYond, and the combination of soft and crunchy choux, rich filling, a sugar paste/marzipan disc, and a tiny topper add up to create the best thing evurrr.  They also have other treats like merveilleux and good coffee and a lovely backyard, which I plan to hit up in the spring.