All Eyes on Joanna Pybus

Joanna Pybus Humbug Monster Clutch


Humbug Monster Clutch, $102.77

I am not ashamed to admit that I spent a lot of the day today at work googling things like “eyes iphone case” and “evil eye iphone”.

Ok.  Yes.  I AM ashamed to admit that, but I am also honor bound to tell the truth (also not true) and so I say to you…I googled stupid stuff today!  And I wasn’t proud of it!  BUT, it did yield this randomly wonderful online find: Joanna Pybus.

Chartreuse Leather Joanna Pybus


Chartreuse Leather Monster Clutch Bag, $205.55

White Eye Print iPhoneWhite Eye Print iPhone, $34.26

Based in London, Joanna has a great sense of humor.  Her monster clutches and coats, as well as her tamer offerings, are unique and fun, and for some reason I really want eyes on all the things right now.  Go on and grab some furry fun at her Etsy store!