PA Love for Hærfest: Collection F

Haerfest Collection F

Yes, my husband takes photos for them, and yes, the guys behind Hærfest are friends, but those are not the reasons for this post. The reality is that the Hærefest Collection F is another design WIN. I’ve been toting around the F1 Backpack for the past month and let me tell you, the clean lines in this leather/canvas combo in ruby red has been turning heads like nobody’s business. Not only does this red-riding hood look check all the fashion boxes, it’s also practical: just the right size to throw in a laptop, a couple of notepads and some books. The outer pocket is also the perfect size for a pencil case and your phone – for easy access. Considering how well my Hærfest wallet’s worn through the past few years, I’m sure the F1 will be no exception.

Verdict: check out the collection, and I dare you to not love every piece. Check out their site here, and let me know what you think of a) the product, and b) my man’s photos.