Solange x Puma: IDK?


I doubly like this image bc cake and also sneakers and also hair, via Puma

Solange and Puma collaborated on some sneaks and, I THINK I might like them?  First things first: they have a sort of click wheel thing instead of laces.  That’s something that debuted on men’s Pumas years ago, but never made it to lady sneakers until now.  I also like the color ways, but there’s something about these that makes me feel like I’m just not cool enough to pull them off.

Solange-x-Puma-Disc-Blaze-Grassy-1I think that, while the laceless thing is very futuristic, and thus awesome, bc I love the future so hard (robots, etc), I am really missing laces here.  Maybe it’s that the part that houses the wheel is looking very Skechers?  THERE I SAID IT.  The rest of the sneaker is cool as hell though, I am loving the camo/grass look combined with the crazy neon/Miami Vice colors.

SolangePuma002The rest of the sneakers are cool too…maybe it’s that I need to see them in person?

You can pre-order some of these little weirdos at Opening Ceremony.  $150 each…I bet they’ll go for even double on eBay.  What?  Who said that?

All images via Puma.