Buddy X: 1992 Female Power Anthem


There is a severe lack of information about “Buddy X” on the internet and I’m here to help change that.

Neneh Cherry is still making moves musically – last year, she joined up with Norwegian/Swedish experimental jazz group The Thing to record The Cherry Thing – a stunning, avant-garde collection of covers from artists like MF Doom and Suicide – but you might know her best from her 1989 BANGER OF BANGERS “Buffalo Stance.” Less shine, however, was given to her 1992 LP Homebrew which featured the single “Buddy X” – an MTV staple in its day.

“Buddy X” is not only a straight-up female power anthem, but it has an intense backstory, too. Neneh Cherry was on tour with Lenny Kravitz, who was married to her friend Lisa Bonet at the time, and discovered that he was cheating on her, using the pseudonym Buddy X at hotels. So, Neneh wrote this song and totally/rightfully blew up his spot. From there, this amazing video was birthed, featuring NC and her flannel- and bamboo earring-clad lady gang taking a group of mark-ass bros to task by throwing half-eaten apples, brooms and underwear at them. It’s a magical moment in music history.