The Perfect Everyday Tees

I often find myself SMH at fashion bloggers who are all “Hi/Low is so in!  I topped off my $996 Tibi skirt with this reasonably priced $79 white tee, so normal!”.  A tshirt should be comfy, flattering, and cost less than $20.  That is my mantra…that I just made up.

Madewell has the absolute best white tees, and I’ll tell you why.  A) They are awesome because they are often made of linen or a linen blend, and everyone knows that linen breaths and B) drapes awesomely.  Whenever I wear one of my linen Madewell tees, I know that I am doing everything right.

C) Madewell has so many sales, I have never paid more than $15 dollars for these tees.  Usually they cost about $40-50 bucks full price, but if you wait it out, you can definitely get them for less.  Frugality FTW!  Now pair that cheapo tee with some American Eagle Jeggings (my daily uniform) and show those bloggers how it’s done…POOR PEOPLE STYLE.