Don’t Wake Up Each Morning with Fear in Your Heart? ALARMclock Can Help!


This little box might look cute, but be aware that it potentially contains your own personal vortex of anxiety. This, ladies and gentlemen is the ALARMclock…ALARM being the operative word. If you’re a standard New Yorker (or so I tell myself to feel better), you probably wake each morning thinking about money, health woes, work drama or other such nerve-wreckers. Truth be told, I’m usually sleepy enough to drift back to sleep after the occasional a.m. freakout, so this is where the ALARMclock could come in “handy.” This sadistic little device wakes you up by rattling off the following stats (or as they euphemize it, “motivating data”): how much money you have in the account of your choosing (401k, checking account, etc), the number of friends you have (based on social network aggregators) AND how much time you have left in life – aka your life expectancy, which is determined by a variety of factors.

So, if you need more anxiety…oh wait – MOTIVATION…in your life – the ALARMclock may be for you. Luckily (?) they hit their Kickstarter goal, so you should soon be able to get straight to being bout that anxiety life.