How Ballers Deal With Their Clothing Piles


I read about James Smith’s Uma Clothes Stand in Monocle and thought to myself – “I need this.” Anyone who claims not to have a clothing pile on a table or desk or floor near their bed is either lying or has a Bling Ring style walk-in closet. And may I add- even a Bling Ring style walk-in closet probably has piles lying within. This gorgeous stand gives you a handy place to toss the clothing you don’t have the energy to put away and a gorgeous piece of furniture in one. One problem though…it’ll set you back £495 ($797!). Until the day I can drop that much cash, I guess my clothing file pile will remain on the floor.

If you are in fact a baller, feel free to pick up one of these Uma Clothes Stands (for me). (Thx in advance.)