Adorable Photos From the White House Flickr Stream!

Michelle Obama Bollywood

In a time when Obama’s poll numbers are dipping a little bit as a result of the crummy roll out of the Affordable Care Act, can we just take a minute to revel in the cuteness, funniness, and meaningfulness that is the White House Flickr Stream? I only have two points to make in this post. 1. Eff the Republican majority in the House for being well, just generally horrible. And 2., the Obamas are just so incredibly lovely and charming. Some pics for your viewing and awwwwww-inducing pleasure!

Bill Russell and Obama Hug

Malia, Michelle, Malala Yousafzai, Obama

Michelle Obama Dakar Senegal

Morehouse College Graduation Obama

Michelle Obama Savoy Elementary School

1. MObama meets Bollywood. 2. Obama hugs Bill Russell near a gigantic Bill Russell Statue. 3. Malia, Michelle, and Barack meet Malala. 4. Michelle looks amazing in Senegal. 5. Morehouse graduation rain happiness. 6. Michelle dances with elementary school kids.

All photos via the official White House Flickr stream.