Non-Guilty Pleasure: Cherry Bombe Magazine

cherry bombe karlie klossYou know those fancy magazines that cost like, $20 bucks and are independently produced, and you think “Jesus who pays that much money for a mag?”  Well, I recently picked up the first issue of Cherry Bombe Magazine for 18 smackers the other day, and all I can say is WORTH IIIIT!

Created by magazine veterans and food lovers Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu, the New York-centric Cherry Bombe magazine is for women who love making, sharing, styling and of course, eating food.

maraschino cherries cherry bombeI’m only a third of the way through the magazine and already I’m in love.  Highlights so far include a cute article about how model Karlie Kloss (featured on the cover) has been working with the amazing pastry chef Christine Tosi of Momofuku Milk Bar fame to create a “healthy cookie”, a piece on the history of maraschino cherries, and an interview with microbiologist Rachel Dutton on her work with the edible petri dish that is cheese.

With gorgeous photography, incredible interviews with women from all over the US, and some truly delectable recipes, I can already tell that Cherry Bombe is one indulgence I will never feel guilty about.

Get a copy at your local fancy newsstand, or order via the Cherry Bombe site!