Deflect/Welcome Haters via Sweatshirt


This fall seems to be the season of the ridiculous/awesome sweatshirt based on my cursory shopping research. I for one love ridiculous/awesome sweatshirts – having scoured thrift shops for them during most of my teen/adult life – so, it’s pretty hard for me to resist the trend – especially when it comes in at under $20 a pop. And yeah, where other than a thrift store can one find prices like that, but Forever 21 – whose sweatshirt selection right now is off the proverbial meat rack. My first indulgence was this Hi Haters sweatshirt – HOW COULD I RESIST?

If you want to be as cool as me (or my awesome Haters sweatshirt twin Chronicles of Cashmere) you can pick this one up at Forever 21 – and a bevy of other crazy tops as well.