Lisa Frank It Up: Coloring Books

coloring book

Boy Bands, $12

You guys, I love to color.  I bought the most bomb set of crayons I could find about two years ago and it was totally a sound investment: The Telescoping Crayon Tower by Crayola.  Behold:



Right?  I know.  You’re impressed.

Finally, I have found coloring books worthy of my magnificent coloring tower.  The One Coloring Book Maker to Rule Them All.  Team Art.

team art coloring booksRanging from around $12-$15, these coloring books are going to make. my. winter!  Picture it: Brooklyn, 2013, me sitting by the warm glow of my television in an oversized sweater and leggings, bringing joy to myself and the world with my superior coloring skills.  This dream can be a reality!

Make sure to check out the Team Art Etsy page because there are other coloring books, such as Voldemort (hanging out with Draco, having fun, etc), Paul Rudd and Mad Men themed books!