New Fave Podcast: The Read

The Read Podcast Kid Fury Crissle 2

I stumbled upon The Read when looking for recommended podcasts on itunes (I listen to a lot of podcasts when I’m cleaning and doing stuff around my apartment such as painting windowsills and baseboards – how horribly boring). I was hooked as soon as I realized that The Read contains joyous things like a 30 minute review/celebration of the Beyonce concert at Barclays. If you were there, you should 100% listen to that episode RIGHT NOW because it will make you relive the joy all over again.

The Read is conducted by two internet/twitter/blog famous – and now ‘podcast famous’ fantastic individuals named Kid Fury and Crissle. Both are somewhat recent transplants to NYC and the show covers “hip hop and pop culture’s most trying stars” as well as their experiences living in the city. In addition to the weekly podcast, their blogs, twitters, and tumblrs, Kid Fury and Crissle have also started to do live shows! I die.

p.s. the show is 100% not kid friendly and NSFW!