Kawaii Craziness: Elizabeth Center in Chinatown

elizabeth mall

image via k2geter.com

From the outside, Elizabeth Center in Chinatown looks not only unassuming, but straight up boring.  When you first enter the building, things don’t really look much better.  Weird shops selling giant bras and medical supplies abound.


via happilywish.blogspot.com

Take the escalator downstairs, though, and what you will find is a crazy wonderland of Kawaii epicness.  Want a binder that weirdly says “Please Don’t Leave Me Alone” with a picture of a sad kitten?  They got you.  One million different cute Kawaii bandaids?  Never fear, Elizabeth Center has you covered.

elizabeth center

via yelp.com

Any funny/cute/cool kawaii thing you can think of, Elizabeth Center has it.  Jewelry/iPhone cases/pretty yarn/notebooks/baseball caps/tshirts/headbands/stuffed animals/beauty products/etc etc etc.  It’s a paradise!

Get some Dim Sum in Chinatown, then head over to 15 Elizabeth Street (between Bayard and Canal) for a pretty amazing shopping experience.