Vanity Projects: Nail Artists From All Over the World All Up in NYC!

vanity projects britney tokyo nail swag

Ever want to get your nails did by nail artists whom you follow on Instagram but who don’t live in NYC so you can never get your nails did by them? Well, Vanity Projects, a soon-to-open nail salon and art gallery, will let you achieve those dreams! VP is the brainchild of  Rita de Alencar Pinto, who envisions a space where you can receive salon treatments while also experiencing video art and other creative endeavors. There will be visiting nail artists-in-residence, as well as technicians who are based out of the salon. This sounds like a pretty epic idea, seeing as there are many of us who follow the exploits and creations of nail artists all over the world and covet their designs. While many of them are based out of NYC, more of them are not, so we all want a chance to get our digits decorated by these ladies. Check out this sweet WSJ article about the origins of Vanity Projects.

ALSO from now until June 10th Vanity Projects is doing a pop up with LA nail artists Britney Tokyo, Destinee Handly, and Nail Swag. Check out these ladies on instagram: @vanityprojects, @britneytokyo, @misshandly, and @nail_swag. You might just see me and PA Nicole’s nails in their streams! Check the VP site for info about the salon, private appointments, events, and more.