Etsy Finds: Overwhelming Cuteness at Cat Bear Express


Clockwise from top left: 1. Little Orange Fox Totem, $15 2. Bubble Tea Cell Phone Charm, $10 3. Baby Blue Narwhal Charm, $10 4. Pastel Rainbow Cake Earrings, $18

When I stumbled upon Cat Bear Express, my eyebrows instantly shot up, allowing the maximum amount of cuteness into my retinas. If you consider that the selection above shows only four of her 138 items, I hope you can see why! Anthropomorphic food, tiny animals, edible-looking pastry jewelry – sooo much cuteness to take in. In my opinion, the cuteness is amplified by the fact that all of the items are handmade in NJ!

Check out Cat Bear Express’s full selection here and prepare to have your mind blown.