Indoor Plant Life with Hedge House

hedge house, etsy

I live in what is essentially a greenhouse, which is a glorious thing for a warm-blooded half-Brazilian who loves basking in 90-degree weather at home. I’ve also discovered that this not only makes for good sunbathing, but for the proliferation of indoor plant life. Hence the constant argument over how much plant is too much before you become the green equivalent of a cat lady.

With that said, as with all other things in life, it’s all about the way that you do it. So now I’ve found a different way to celebrate the plant life in my home without feeling creepy. It comes in the shape of a sleek, modern white oak shelf/planter that appeals to my green thumb and my book hoarding alike, from the Hedge House shop in Etsy. What’s nice about this jam is that it has a narrow, unobtrusive profile that allows you to place it anywhere in your apartment, and if you’ve got a little light coming through a window, you can have some flowers blooming in your pad. It’s a bit of a bummer that you have to shell out $275 to get this look in your life, but if you’re not crafty like me, it’s worth the beans.

I strongly recommend you check out the Hedge House shop on Etsy for all modern lines and wood furniture. The White Oak Indoor Planter is not the only thing worth ogling.