DRKLNG – Zebra Katz! Yassssssss, Pleazzzzzze.


As a person who thinks that Zebra Katz was divinely sent from the universe in order to make the world a better place, I often lament the lack of ZK material in the world of the internet. I’ve seen him live several times and always had my mind blown – BUT he (and his goddess associate Njena Reddd Foxxx) always play songs that blow my minnnnnnnd and then I get super sad when I can’t find and listen to them constantly after tha fact. SO, this new mixtape DRKLNG is doing a lil bit to satisfy my need for mass quantities of Zebra Katz, but I won’t be fully satisfied until there’s an album (or 20) and LOTS OF LIVE SHOWS IN NYC. FOR REAL! PLEASE! THE ONLY TIME I’VE SEEN YOU PERFORM IN NYC WAS OPENING FOR LANA DEL REY AND THAT’S NOT OK.

OK, take a listen and prepare to feel a hellllllll of a lot more superior/bitchy/ready to break shitttt over the heads of your haters.