All the Things From A Thousand Picnics

a thousand picnics

A perfect store full of small, adorable, and mystical things exists and it is called A Thousand Picnics. It has nothing you need and everything you want… and therefore must have. It is located across the street from Pies and Thighs (which if you haven’t seen their adorable commercial, watch it now!) and next door to the Music Garage, so when you go there you might run into your friends eating fried chicken or going to band practice. Healing crystals! Crystal jewelry! Gold jewelry made to look like crystals! And also blankets that could be rugs and macrame plant holders and tiny rings shaped liked hexagons. Plus the added delight of having the softest, sweetest little pup who might be in the store waiting to have her belly rubbed. Some things are pricey and some are less so: I bought four fingers full of delicate rings for under $50 last Sunday while basking in hazy afterglow of slightly boozy brunch with my ladies. Check it out the magic at 171 South 4th Street at Driggs Ave.

Photos via Driely S via Racked.