Netflix Fix: House of Cards

House of CardsIn my household, we’re either watching sports or we’re trying to figure out what show we’re willing to get hooked on next. What the latter usually amounts to is an endless amount of channel surfing that amounts to nothing. I had heard about House of Cards when it came out and the crew was touring the talk shows, but I just decided I wasn’t ready to commit. My mom (and loyal PA fan) committed, and it didn’t take her long to run through the whole series. I still didn’t take the leap – mostly because when my mom went on her House of Cards binge, Steve was in Rio and I was dutifully catching up on all the girly shows that he’ll never watch (Carrie DiariesRevenge… an embarrassing list that I’ll save myself from continuing). But on Steve’s return, we finally got on the bandwagon, and it was 100% worth it.

For the sake of time and spoiler-free coverage, I will keep my éloge short. If you love borderline psychopathic characters, this show is for you: politicians and their wives, intrepid reporters, up-and-coming public figures, lobbyists, and even the occasional photographer, it seems that none escape falling into moral quicksand. It’s political theater: figuratively and literally, with Kevin Spacey’s acting acumen bringing his theatrical background to the forefront of the silver screen.

So trust me, don’t put it off any longer. Get your political Spacey on.