I’m Obsessed with 80%20 Elliotte Booties


I bought the above 80%20 Elliotte Booties in a black suede pony print while I was doing Christmas shopping (oops), but I don’t regret this indulgence one bit. I’ve worn these boots more than any other shoe in my closet ever since I bought them – they are super comfortable, go with EVERYTHING and the trademark 80%20 hidden wedge gives them a little more edge. Since I love them so much, I finally just caved and bought them in this ridiculous dog tapestry print as well on Beyond the Rack for $29.99 (believe it)!


Can’t wait to rock these on all the days I’m not wearing the pony ones! They’re definitely lightweight enough to wear into spring.

PS: On 80%20’s site, I learned that their brand name comes from the phenomenon of wearing your favorite 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time. They nailed it – these booties are definitely in my favorite 20%!