Feast Your Eyes On…Austin Butler (It’s OK, He’s 21)


Yes, I sort of feel like a huge creep thinking Austin Butler – AKA The Carrie Diaries’ Sebastian Kydd (y = so crucial) – is a megababe. Even though he is 21, he’s still the main love interest on a TV show set in high school, so like…yeah. Also, I should mention that it was difficult finding a picture of him a. with a shirt on and b. not in front of lockers. I don’t feel like I should tell you to feast your eyes on anyone who’s standing in front of lockers and not a teacher at this point in my life.

But I digress…The Carrie Diaries is a cute show and Austin Butler is a cute dude…along with everyone in the show. How did they find such a crew of cuties? And to conclude, the brooding animated gif: