For Your Consideration: The Craziest iPhone Cases on Etsy


It’s been a minute since I’ve perused the ultimate iPhone case jungle otherwise known as Etsy and I’m pleased to report that it’s just as crazy as ever!  I hope you enjoy my tour.

Pictured above: Champagne Diamond Case from Lisa Jin, $32

Fancy some K-Pop with your texting? How about a different case for each member of Girls Generation? THAT EXISTS:


Pictured above: Girls Generation, I Got a Boy Case from Padi Patt, $13 each

How about a case that will get taken away from you at airport security? This studded number should do that trick:


Pictured above: Black TPU Case with Gold Spikes from StudLovers, $40

And yes, I found that melted ice cream / cookie / Hello Kitty case you’ve been searching for:


Pictured above: Pearl Pink Decoden iPhone Case from Yuna Rose, $26

And as the grand finale…Kim Kardashian crying. I mean, I just, I dunno…but I don’t NOT want it:


Pictured above: Kim Kardashian Crying Case from HappyWallz, $13.99