Cookie Road: A Greenpoint Lunchtime Dream


Like the plot of some terrible ’90s rom-com, sometimes the best things in life are there all along, right under your nose, waiting for you to discover them and fall in love. Such is my new found love affair with Cookie Road.

I work in the semi-industrial section of Greenpoint and if you want a grab and go lunch, selections are quite limited. One day last week, I was considering a sub from No. 7 but didn’t really want something so big and intense (that’s what she said). I remembered hearing that Cookie Road had great sandwiches, so I figured I’d give it a try. I am now so glad I did! Their sandwiches are actually amazing. In the past week, I’ve tried the turkey + brie, ham + swiss and Canadian bacon + hardboled egg + pickle, all of which ruled for several reasons – 1. They’re not huge and the proportions of meat to toppings to condiments is perfect. 2. They’re on a delicious multigrain roll that’s the right amount of soft – in fact, all of the ingredients are high-quality. 3. They’re only $5!

So, I implore you, if you’re looking for the perfect sandwich – hit up Cookie Road! They also have other stuff like espresso drinks and frittatas and, um, cookies.