I Swore I’d Never: Frilly & Floral Jill Stuart Jumper

Jill Stuart Jumper

Do I have a thing for jumpsuits? If you were to sneak into my closet and rifle through my clothes, you would think not. But here’s my secret: I love them, but own only one. I’m pretty sure it’s the simplicity of the outfit: one piece and you’re out the door. It also falls solidly in the French Would Do column. In a solid, dark color a jumpsuit is sexy, slimming, and sophisticated. SO. Why is it that the last time I blogged about a jumpsuit, it was the Pendleton onesie from Opening Ceremony? Exactly what I’d never expect to wear. And here I am again, mesmerized by this adorable suit from Jill Stuart. It has everything I usually swear off of: empire waist, pleating at the bust, frilly sleeves, and a huge pink and purple floral.

The moral of the story is, I want it, and this one I actually think I’ll wear. It’s too bad that right now it’s a whopping $532 at Shop Bop. Here’s hoping that in a few months, it’ll be on super sale so I can buy it before spring rolls around again.