FACT Magazine: Essential Mixes for Days


Dear friends, I’m about to drop a tip on you that may change your musical life. If you’d like to be exposed to new and interesting music that’s wrapped up in a fun and easy-to-consume package, please listen to FACT mixes. If you’re unfamiliar, FACT is a UK-based magazine (online-only as of 2009) and once a week, they commission a new artist to create an exclusive mix for them. They’re largely electronic-leaning, but even if you don’t consider yourself an EDM enthusiast, you may find your mind changed by some of these masterful mixes.

Each mix is available for free download from FACT’s site for a limited time. But, never fear, if you really want to hear one of the older ones, they are all archived for your listening pleasure at Mixcloud. If you’re looking for a starting point, I highly recommend the electro lovers rock heaven of King Midas Sound’s mix … or the ultra-creepitude of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti’s mix … or the chilly cool of Jamie xx’s mix. Once you start listening, don’t be surprised if you immediately go out and download as many as possible.

CHECK EM and let me know if you have a favorite (or favorite$)!