Draw the Line Gets PA Fired Up!

PA bestie Kat sent the below email and video today and I immediately came to Power Animals to share with y’all.

Ladies just can’t catch a break, right? First likened to farm animals, and now entrapped in binders. Sign the petition and watch the vid below, you guys! Tell *all the a-holes* that we are not happy with their *ridiculous language* and *bizarre sense of entitlement to controlling women’s bodies*.

You said it, Kat! The future is becoming a scary place for women…and not just for us harlots who are running out getting abortions every two seconds for the fun of it (or so you would think, listening to these proselytizing politicians). If you aren’t a white affluent religious woman married with two kids then it seems, according to Romney et al, you’re doing it wrong.

Watch the above video then hurry on over to DrawTheLine.org to sign their petition. Usually I wonder what actually happens to these online petitions (Do they work? Who sees them?) but with all the star power behind this one I’m sure it will get some great media attention. Make sure to stick around after you sign for an awesome thank you from Amy Poehler!