Cheap Is Good Because I am Poor

Aldo Maglaras Canvas Hi-Tops, $19.98

There’s a lot of talk on this blog and others about things being “reasonably priced”, like “At $250, this is a price point that I can get behind!”, or something equally corny.  And true, for a really nice leather bag, that can be a normal and not astronomical price, BUT it is also $250 clams that I often don’t have!

ASOS Skater Dress with Belt, $37.47 / American Eagle White Jeggings, $39.99

True fact, I am totes a poor, living paycheck to paycheck with very little wiggle room.  With very little disposable income taking “risks” with my career and steady paycheck can seem downright insane and scary during these troubled economic times.

Aldo Zabik Belts, two for $20

Still, I find myself wanting to keep up with the Joneses (or Kardashians, whoever is richer than me) and so sometimes, saving up and buying that quality $178 dollar silk blouse is not going to happen when I can spend that same amount on multiple cute, cheap items.  This is how Forever 21 stays in business, folks.

Vintage Leather Bucket Bags, all from Etsy:

Generation Thrift, $38.00Latoure Couture, $50.00 / Dusty Society, $36.00

Check out some of my fave cheap finds that have helped me stretch out my wardrobe!  Aldo and American Eagle might not be as chic as Marc Jacobs and Burberry but they sure are easier on the wallet.

Aerie, Vintage Lace Undies, seven for $26.50