We Love MochiThings!

After many years of research, I think we may have finally discovered the cutest shop on the entire internet: MochiThings. Full of absolutely adorable, affordable and functional items, it’s like internet shopping heaven. It was tough, but we narrowed it down to five favorite items to share with you!

1. Nicole likes the Crown Smartphone Pouch.

“This little pouch is not only totally adorable (the snap is a little gold crown!), it’s super functional as well. You can fit your iPhone, debit card, ID and cash in it – which make it perfect for carrying on its own, keeping your essentials accessible in a big bag AND/OR stashing your essentials in a clutch/smaller handbag. It comes in a variety of colors from hot pink to mint green.”

2. Tammy likes the Smiley Mini Pen Case.

“I’m obsessed with pencil cases and this is right up my alley. What’s nice is that you can’t fit too many, so it won’t weigh down in your purse – you pick your two favorite pens and your two favorite pencils, and you’re good to go!”

3. Melissa likes the Party Hats Set.

“As someone who adores throwing my own birthday parties, I think this party hat set is super cute and would make for some really great picture fun during the event! Good for adults who want to drink and hang while wearing silly hats, or for your little one’s next bday jam (much cuter than the Disney Princess hats you get at Party City).”

4. Hillary likes the Bon Voyage Waterproof Pouch.

“I am someone who loves beaching and believes that beaching is better when you have the right beach stuff! This includes proper sunscreen (and knowing how to properly apply it of course*), an umbrella for shade while reading, ice cold water, delightful snacks, and protection for your electronics of course! Obviously this adorable little waterproof pouch with its perfect size, crystal clear material, cute strap, double sealed zipper lock, and smart touch feature that allows you to actually use your phone (for everything except talking) is perrrrfect for the beach. Or even for those rainy days where somehow everything in your bag gets slightly damp. I need this in my life immediately!
*Tip: before you even put on your bathing suit at home, apply a full layer of strong sunscreen to your whole entire naked body as you’re getting ready for the beach. Give it at least 10 minutes to soak in before you get dressed. You’ll have a full sunscreen base and be pretty much guaranteed to avoid any weird splotches, even if you’re sloppy when you reapply!”
5. Melissa also likes the Gold Ribbon Roll Up Earphone Organizer.
“Every morning finds me digging my earphones out of my purse and detangling them on the subway.  If I had one of these cutie earphone organizers (simple but so darling) I HOPE I would use them to organize my earbuds in style.  In reality I would probably lose this little munchkin right quick but a girl can dream about being organized, can’t she?”