SO in to Silk Boyfriend Shirts

Sometimes there is something suuuuper appealing about the idea of a uniform. Find the item of clothing that works best for you, buy it in every color, and ta da! you are up and out the door in minimal time. I think silk boyfriend shirts are going to be my new uniform, as there are few items of clothing that are as elegant, comfy, and flattering. They’re nearly the perfect item of clothing and I want them in EVERY color! How I would love to just flip through my closet every morning–Clueless style–and take my pick of which shade of shirt to wear to work each day. Right now Madewell’s  Soft Silk Boyshirt is my fave, with their Washed Silk Boyshirt (above left), JCrew’s Blythe (above right), and Yumi Kim’s Safari shirts not far behind. At $110-$145, they aren’t cheap, but I’m willing to splurge on a few of them to make my impending 8am work arrival slightly easier to deal with.